Dynamic Signage for Hospitals and Clinics

Dynamic Signage for Hospitals and Clinics

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n1. Control the content that appears in your hospital, clinic, medical office, dental office, urgent care center, or other healthcare facility
n2. Reach patients in the lobby or waiting area while communicating with doctors, nurses and staff in the break room
n3. Promote value-added services and procedures
n4. Display ads from partners and third-party advertisers
n5. Show public health advisories and tips for staying healthy
n6. Make patients and families feel at ease by educating them about the latest medicines, treatments, procedures and techniques
n7. Reduce perceived waiting times by combining live TV with other engaging content
n8. Let patients know who the doctor is seeing next, enabling them to be ready when their names are called
n9. Create customized content for patient rooms
10. Train your physicians and staff about new services and procedures
n11. Deliver emergency event notices