LED Hourly Production Monitor with Data Logger

LED Hourly Production Monitor with Data Logger

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Led Hourly Production Monitor With Data Logger

We make LED display boards with LED's of various sizes, brightness and colours. We make boards as per your specification and layout.
Our boards can accept inputs from various sources including Your PC, RS232, RS485, RF, PLC, Relay contacts, DC Input, Hand Held Remote Controls (IR), Keypad, SMS etc.

We illustrate below a Set of such working displays that we have successfully installed at a client's factory.

The requirement of the client was as follows
  • In 5 lines - Line Board
  • Measure and display the hourly production, Real-time Target, Actual Production, Efficiency and Time.
  • Reset the Real-Time Target, Actual and Efficiency at the end of each shift in each board
  • Reset the Hourly production data at the end of the third shift.
  • In One area - Summary Board
  • Totalize the data of all the 5 Line boards
  • Data log in Summary Board (real time) so that Hourly production, Target, Actual, Efficiency is calculated and recorded
  • Provide a Software to be installed in a PC at the client location to download such Data Logged in the Summary Board
Line Board-Qty 5 units
  • Height of LED's 2" FND Red for Plan / Actual / Efficiency
  • Height of LED's 1" FND Red for Clock and Hourly output
The functioning of the board is as follows
  • The Summary Board is wired to the 5 Hourly production boards using a shielded communication cable
  • TODAY PLAN: This has to be sent from the PC program
  • RUNNING PLAN: This will automatically display the total of all PLAN values OF ALL THE BOARDS - TOTAL OF ALL BOARDS PLAN
  • ACTUAL: This will automatically displayed a Total of all ACTUAL values OF ALL THE BOARDS - TOTAL OF ALL BOARDS ACTUAL
  • EFFICIENCY: This is auto calculate
  • 230V AC power input
  • Mounting brackets provided for wall / ceiling fixing
Software for Download of Logged Data in MS EXCEL-Qty 1 unit

Software Features
  • Software for data download and upload
  • Upload data: Shift data, Lunch Break, Cycle time
  • Download data: Board wise, plan at the end of hour, actual at the end of hour, efficiency at the end of hour