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LED Bus destination Display 

We offer end to end solutions for bus displays.

1)    Bus Mounted LED Destination Displays on the front and Back.

2)    Passenger Information System inside the Bus.

3)    Passenger Information Systems at the Bus Stops about arriving busses.

4)    Passenger Information Systems at the Bus Terminus all the Arriving Departing /buses.

  • The hardware can be built to any specification, from ruggedness to Water and Tamper resistance etc like IP65.

  •   The Boards can be driven using RS422 / RS485 or Ethernet / Wifi.

  • The units can also be controlled remotely using a GPRS/3G Data Terminal Unit.

  • We offer Red, Red+Green or Full Color boards.


Our solution also includes the software for driving the boards with minimal human


  • The software is written to be easy and intutive to use. The software has a built in module to allow for displaying advertisements on the boards, this is especially useful for sponsored boards.

  • The Bus Destination Information can be loaded by composing the information on a PC and copying it to a Flash disk. This  Flash disk can be inserted directly into the display unit in the Bus to update the Bus Number, Destination , Via etc.

  • We provide a simple and easy to use key pad to select the Information to display. We can also do integration with GPS to automatically display the current location and upcoming Bus Stop with Voice. The Voice should be loaded on an SD Card as MP3 files.